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    The perfect app for kids to initiate in classical music while they play and have fun with Pocoyo and his friends.
    In "Pocoyo, Classical music for kids" you will find 12 different themes from such well known authors as Vivaldi, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. Every song has been performed for a child audience and it has different settings and funny animations of Pocoyo, Pato, Elly and lots of cheerful characters. Tap on each one of them to discover their funny moves.

    On this app you can choose the song you want, or play them all.

    The sensory stimulation by classical music for children and babies have been shown beneficial in enhancing language skills, stimulating creativity, improving auditory perception abilities and fostering the learning, attention, and concentration. Besides, if it is lead by the hand of Pocoyo, fun is assured.

    Songs included are:
    • Spring - Vivaldi
    • Minueto - Luigi Boccherini
    • The nutcracker (La Danza de las Flautas) - Tchaikovsky
    • La Gazza Ladra - Rossini
    • Morning Mood - Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt
    • Dance of the Hours - Amilcare Ponchielli
    • Overture William Tell - Rossini
    • Nocturne Nº 2 - Chopin
    • Für Elisa - Beethoven
    • Lullaby - Nana Popular
    • Elly's doll - D. Heredero
    • Pocoyo Suite - D. Heredero

    Get this app and enjoy how your kids learn and have fun listening to classical music, while you chill out.
    "Pocoyo, Classical music for kids" doesn't contain ads, nor payments inside the app.

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