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    Pregnancy Test Checker is your definitive application for monitoring your pregnancy from day one. It is totally free and you can use it as many times as you want. Answering a few questions will reliably tell you the probability that you are pregnant.

    Remember that this application in no way replaces a doctor or gynaecologist and you should always go to him if you are in doubt whether you are pregnant or you have already confirmed it with a conventional pregnancy test plus.

    But how does the pregnancy test checker work?

    The functioning of this predictor is very simple, you only have to inform the data it asks for, such as your age range, your menstrual cycle duration, the date of your last menstruation, if you have had relations with your partner on your fertile days (which will calculate the application for you) ... After that, you'll have to answer a few questions about the most common symptoms of pregnancy and that's it. After a series of calculations based on studies and statistics carried out on pregnant women you will be able to know the chances you have of being pregnant.

    In addition, other features have been added to the application so that you can monitor your pregnancy day by day.

    Other features:

    Fertile period calculator
    Digital Gestogram

    And many more will be added in the following updates.

    But...What is the fertile period and what do I want to calculate it for?

    Actually, a woman can only become pregnant at the time of ovulation. This moment lasts about 48 hours, so knowing how to calculate it will help you know which days to have sex with your partner, thus greatly increasing the chances of getting pregnant. You will see that your next pregnancy test will be positive!
    You will see that using the fertile period calculator is very simple, just indicate the day of your last period and the average days your cycle usually lasts, and the application will calculate for you, using the Wilcox method, your fertile days.

    And...What is a Digital Gestogram?

    If you have been pregnant or you are and you have visited your gynecologist, surely you have seen him use a strange wheel with letters and numbers, because this is a gestogram.
    A gestogram is a tool that allows you to track your pregnancy and baby's development week by week, as well as help calculate your due date. The pregnancy gestogram provides very complete data on the growth that the fetus experiences week by week, such as height, weight, diameter of the head or length of the femur.
    In this digital pregnancy test application, we have also considered it appropriate to add this digital gestogram so that, once you confirm that you are pregnant, you can monitor your pregnancy day by day.
    The gestogram is very simple to use, just put the date of your last period or period before being pregnant and automatically appear all the data such as the size and weight of your baby, the approximate date of delivery, the weeks of pregnancy you are ... A very reliable and effective tool for monitoring your pregnancy and your baby.

    Don't wait any longer, get out of your doubts and check if you are really pregnant and, furthermore, monitor your pregnancy from day one with the fertile period calculator and the digital gestogram.

    This application is for guidance only and, by studying the data entered and identifying the symptoms, it will try to give you an approximation of your possible pregnancy but you will always have to confirm this with a urine or blood pregnancy test plus. Do not forget to visit your doctor or gynaecologist if you have confirmed that you are pregnant or have doubts. It is very important for your gynaecologist to check that you and your future baby are perfectly well and to tell you the steps to follow during pregnancy.

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