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    Spain Latest News app brings you news from more than 10 top news in Spain – in English language and Spanish language from news feeds of Spain available online news. They are free access from RSS feeds.

    The English Language latest news are from:-
    1. El Pais (English)
    2. The Local
    3. The Olive Press
    4. The Canary News
    5. The Spain Insider
    6. Majorca Daily Bulletin
    7. The Leader
    8. Euro Weekly News
    9. RTN Newspaper
    10. Sol Times
    11. Costa News
    12. Valencia International
    13. Tenerife News
    The news in Spanish language or Castellano are from: -
    1. El Pais (Spanish)
    2. El Periodico
    3. El Mundo
    4. ABC News
    5. Rebelion

    Spain Latest News app brings you Spain daily latest news daily. It contains national news and world news. Your news is updated daily to give you the most current news. Rss feeds of news headlines are written at every news feeds. Round the clock top news of Spain will never bore you.

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