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    .This entertaining app is for you if you are into voice impressions and acting.
    .You can use it to change your voice by applying different effects to sound like your favorite movie characters.
    .Whether it’s a superhero or a super villain, there is a list of some pretty accurate voice effects that will allow you to modify the tone of your normal voice to make it sound like a fictional voice.
    .If you like voice acting and doing impressions, and if you are a cinephile and a movies nerd, you will definitely enjoy playing with these effects.
    .You can use it as well to have funny pranks with your friends, play with your kids, or to change your voice match your halloween costume.

    .Movie characters voice effects included in the app are the following:

    Batman, Bane
    Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, StormTrooper, Death Trooper, Snoke (Star wars)
    Minion (Despicable me)
    Flash, The Reverse (The Flash)
    Ultron, Hulk (Avengers)
    Jigsaw (Saw)
    Optimus Prime, Soundwave G1 (Transformers)
    Baymax (Big hero)
    Orc, Smaug (The hobbit)
    Alvin (Alvin and the chipmunks)
    Green Arrow (Arrow)

    .This voice changing app is very easy to use and can create funny and cool voice effects and impressions.
    .Simply record your audio by speaking into the microphone while trying to imitate the character’s voice impression, then apply and listen to the effect.
    .There is a suggestion of some of the famous movie quotes and characters best lines.
    .The better the voice acting, the better the outcome is going to be.

    .You can share the outcome of your impressions with your friends on social media or set it as a ringtone or as a notification sound.

    Disclaimer: For some characters (Bane for example), you'll need to put on the correct impression for the voice transformation to work properly.

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