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    For construction professionals! Download the Club RUBI APP for free and receive discounts and exclusive promotions. You will get the money back of your purchases of RUBI construction tools. Without any ads.

    Created by the tools manufacturer RUBI and designed according to the demands of users around the world, the new RUBI Club APP offers great advantages, with exclusive promotions and discounts that reward their loyalty on the RUBI purchases.

    Thanks to the Club RUBI APP, the user will get points for each purchase of RUBI products and tools at any point of sale in the world. These points can be exchanged for gift checks of up to 10% of the purchase value or for contributions to solidarity projects of Club RUBI.

    In addition, through the new Club RUBI APP, users and members of the RUBI Club will receive offers and exclusive promotions adapted to their needs and preferences.

    The main functionalities of the new RUBI Club APP are the following:

    Product registration and points accumulation for RUBI tools purchases:

    The user and RUBI club member, thanks to the APP, can register any RUBI product, regardless of the channel or country of purchase, accumulating points and obtaining extra warranty extensions in certain machines.

    The accumulated points may be exchanged for gift vouchers, for money transferred in their currency to the user, or the amount may be transferred by the member to solidarity projects. Without being an APP to buy tools, Club RUBI APP allows you to save buy anywhere you buy anywhere in the world.

    Product Catalogue, Ratings and Wish List

    In the new RUBI Club APP, the user can access to the RUBI construction tools catalog and check how many points have each product, read the ratings of other users, add his own opinions and create his wish list, to receive offers and discounts of the products that most interest him.

    Promotions and discounts

    Through the new Club RUBI APP, the user will receive notifications about promotions and exclusive discounts according to his preferences, his wish list and his place of residence.

    Cleaning Helper and Diamond Expert

    In addition to the previous functions, the new APP integrates other RUBI applications into one. In this way, users of Club RUBI APP have access to the functions of the RUBI cleaning and maintenance products APP and the functions of the APP dedicated to RUBI Diamond products, with instructions on how to use each product and how to choose the right product for each construction material and for each use and need.

    Extra points

    In addition to their purchases, the user of the APP can get extra welcome points when downloading the APP, when he or she recommends the APP to his or her friends or colleagues, when he or she registers several products, when he or she adds product evaluations, when he or she participates in surveys or polls, when is his or her birthday, within other insights that will be added to the APP to reward the collaboration of members and users.

    The Club RUBI APP is not only an APP to buy tools, it is much more! It is completely free, without advertising, created for the professional, designed by professionals.
    Download it, try it and discover all its advantages.

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