Voice to text(for Whatsapp,fb Messenger,gmail )




    Voice to text application is a very useful application while using ,
    Whatsapp, fb messenger, Gmail, and in Bluetooth. Whatever we will speak , It will
    convert your voice into text from any language.
    example : when we use any chatting app for a long time.
    Then our hands starting pain,Sometimes it happens with us, and we can not type message further too much. So when you are using
    Features: Voice to text
    voice to text, then you don't need to type anything in your mobile phones.
    1.Just download this app and speak whatever message you want to send , it will write for you. so Start working smartly.

    2.Sometimes we have to write a long email , at that time we don't need to type for emailing.
    just speak whatever you want to write,this app will auto-write everything in your email.

    3. You can also share any text by Bluetooth through this app.

    4. You can also use this app with fb messenger , in fb you also don't need to write anything
    to type a message. just speak your message, it will write everything for you.
    5. You can also check its Advance version name with Voice to Text X that will help you to convert your message into Multiple languages while Chatting.
    Thank you.

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