The In-telligent app is a personal safety and emergency communications platform designed to keep you
    safer and more informed during emergency situations and time-sensitive events. These events may
    include times when your personal safety is threatened by other people (such as an active shooter) or
    natural occurrences (such as an earthquake or severe storm).  They may also include those moments
    when time-sensitive communication is critical, such as when you need to reach loved ones immediately
    or you have an urgent need to contact emergency assistance, but don't know their number.
    In-telligent delivers peace of mind by ensuring the immediate receipt, viewing, and understanding of
    messages sent to you, regardless of your device's settings by:
    - Overriding your silent/do not disturb setting when your life in is in danger.
    - Auto-translating messages in to your preferred language, ensuring the message is understood.
    - Auto-subscribing you to important groups based on your location so you can receive critical alerts from
    - Instantly connecting you to helplines, hotlines, and emergency assistance, no matter where you are in
    the world.
    - Allowing you to create private groups with loved ones for communicating with them during emergency
    - Using both Wi-Fi and cellular networks to deliver messages even under the most extreme conditions -
    even when bandwidth is crowded during emergencies.
    First and fast communication from In-telligent can mean the difference between life and death, making
    it an absolutely essential tool in keeping you and your loved ones prepared for an emergency situation.

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