Dear Samsung Soundcamp Customer,

    Thank you for your continued support of the Samsung Soundcamp service.
    We regret to inform you that as of December 28, 2018, the Samsung Soundcamp service will no longer be available.

    Please refer to the following regarding the Soundcamp service end:

    1. On December 28, the distribution of Soundcamp will be ceased from Galaxy Apps and Google Play.
    However, you can continue to use the Soundcamp app, add-ons and contents already downloaded on your phone even after the service is terminated.
    2. After device replacement or OS update, Soundcamp will not be available and not be supported any more.
    (Soundcamp app, add-ons and contents will not be supported on Android P OS version)
    3. Please backup your data before deleting Soundcamp.
    (Soundcamp > Project Menu > Select Project file > More > Export > Save file)
    (File Location: My Files App > internal Memory > Soundcamp Folder)

    We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thank you.
    The Samsung Soundcamp Team

    - Please enjoy the new "Game mode".
    - You can adjust the fret spacing to the Guitar/Bass.
    - Screen lock function has been added to the Audio recorder.

    - "Game mode" has been added in Looper.
    - You can create up to 12 tracks from Android 8.0 Oreo.
    - Soundcamp-generated contents can be stored in external memory. (Settings > Storage > SD card)
    - The maximum time for the project has been increased to 20 minutes.

    - Update for Android 8.0 Oreo
    - Mp3 format is available for audio exporting.

    - Support Bluetooth audio output from Note8 and later models.
    - Support 'DeX mode' from Note8 and later models.
    - Export volume of audio and video files has been tuned properly.

    - "Smart Composer" that can be composed by simple drawing has been added.
    - Compatible with project files of DAW(Ableton Live, Reaper) for PC.
    - "Screen recording" has been added, and it is possible to save and share the video files. (Enter the Project > More > Screen recording)

    Soundcamp is a powerful music production tool for users who want to create music anywhere.
    You can play music by using pre-loaded touch instruments along with various 3rd party music apps, and can also record and share the music that you have created.

    [Main features]
    - Fast audio response for real-time playing, recording, and editing based on Samsung Professional Audio technology
    - Diverse and flexible options to work on music by integrating with various 3rd party music apps. (compatible apps for Soundcamp will be continuously added)
    - Record, edit and mix up to 8 audio/MIDI tracks
    - Support external USB and analog audio accessories for clear, high-quality audio recording
    - Full MIDI support, controllable with an external USB MIDI
    - A Piano-roll editor for precise MIDI editing modifications
    - Make your music more dynamic with the new Mixer Automation feature.
    - Enjoy an easy, flawless music-making experience with the new Looper, featuring top-quality audio loops in various music styles.
    - Expand your own custom instrument sounds using the new Sampler.

    Soundcamp YouTube Tutorial:

    Audio decoding, resampling and time modifications are superpowered by Superpowered SDK.

    * Access rights information
    The following access rights are required for service delivery. For optional access rights, the default functionality of the service is enabled, although not allowed.

    [Essential Access Rights]
    - Storage: For storing or importing Project or Audio files
    - Microphone: Allow to record audio with the microphone

    [Optional Access Rights]
    - Contacts: Purpose to show registered account information when using SoundCloud upload function

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