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    Bike Alarm Anti Theft GPS Locator - Tied Bike

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    Tied Bike is the best application to turn an old smartphone into an alarm and a locator.

    Simply install Tied Bike on an old mobile (Android 4.2 or higher) and activate the alarm. You can also pair two phones to have a remote control.

      What does Tied Bike do?

    • Protect your motorcycle.
    • Alarm and warning by motion detection.
    • Location by GPS.
    • Visualization through Google Maps.
    • Always connected via Bluetooth and Internet.
    • Panic function, to sound the alarm as high as possible and find the motorcycle in case of panic.
    • Information of the alarm battery.
    • Auto-Activation by proximity.
    • Notifications Push.
    • Fully configurable remotely: sensitivity, volume, alarm time, vibration,...
    • Without advertising or integrated purchases (guaranteed).

      How Tied Bike works

    Install Tied Bike on the mobile you want the Alarm to be. So now, you can activate and deactivate it directly. In addition, you can install it on another mobile and use it as a remote control.

    You only have to pair the two phones via Bluetooth from the application through the Wizard. This way you can communicate between mobile phones when they are nearby. You can also connect over the Internet when Bluetooth is not available.

      Frequently Asked Questions

    You can see more information in this frequently asked questions and answers link:


    Tied Bike needs permissions to activate Bluetooth, detect when you are connected to the Internet, recover the location of the mobile, and keep the phone on.

    • Nearby Bluetooth - Nearby Bluetooth is a Google technology to detect and pair nearby devices. Nearby requires permissions of Bluetooth, WiFi, and Localization. These permits are required at the time of pairing the phones.

    • Location - This permission is necessary for the location can be activated.

    • Keep On - This permission is used when the alarm is activated to keep it on, as well as to ensure communication by Nearby and Internet.

      Economic Expenses

    By using the Internet you can generate financial expenses that you must assume. You must read the License Agreement before purchasing and using this application.


    Tied Bike does not collect or exploit personal or sensitive information in any way. You can read more about it in the License Agreement.

      License Agreement

    Please, before purchasing the application, read the following license agreement that you must accept before using the application:

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