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    Mohammed Basso, born September 28, 1985 One of the faces known by Moroccans in the program «Comedy» for 2009, which won the title and received a value of 10 million centimes, is the son of the city of Zakoura in eastern Morocco, specifically in Tamkrot 18 kilometers below Zakoura where there is the corner Nazareth, In the secondary stage and before in the preparatory stage, Basso began to appear on the art scene through the work of the association and others related to the youth and school, he studied at the University of Ibn Zahr in Agadir and obtained an English license, a traditional pottery maker and can even hand Today the adaptation of the « He is also fluent in both English and French, as well as Arabic and Amazigh. In this technical window, he speaks of "renewal" about his art and comedy and his evaluation. For Moroccan comedy and also for his career.
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