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    Want to take a quick screenshot app and protect hard buttons for your phone, you need the screen shot app?
    Snapshot app - Free screen capture is a screen capture application that can meet all your needs. Screenshot app allows you to take a screenshot on your tablet, phone or any other Android device, easily! Now, instead of having to press the hard buttons on your phone, you can optimize it with just one touch. In just a few seconds you can capture whatever screen you want, and it's really handy.
    Just open Snapshot app - Free screen capture and an icon will appear on your phone screen from Screenshot app. Touch the icon of the screen shot app whenever you want to take a screenshot. Then you can share instantly or save the screenshot of Snapshot app - Free screen capture through other apps, whether it's an instant messaging app, email, cloud, photo editor or other phone stuff!
    Are you tired of trying to take a screenshot with one hand, or even two? Having a larger phone to capture a screenshot by pressing two buttons at the same time is very difficult, and that is why our Snapshot app - Free screen capture was born. Screenshot app really is a great product
    What happens if we told you can help you capture the image you want in less than a second and with just one click of your finger using our handy screenshot app and image quality? picture as you wish?
    Snapshot app - Free screen capture is a great handy tool just for you! Snapshot app - Free screen capture a fully flexible screen capture application that allows you to share a screenshot with anyone using the phone screenshot app already installed on your phone. Simple. Easily. Useful. ... and free!

    Snapshot app - Free screen capture provides an easy method for screen capturing and the following functions of the screen shot app:
    Touch the floating button on the screen of Snapshot app - Free screen capture to capture
    Share the screenshot from screen shot app
    Set the path to save the screenshot
    Display a screenshot, you can decide to save or cancel the screenshot
    Crop the captured screenshot from screenshot app
    Browse and edit all history the screenshot from screen shot app
    All you have to do is download the screen shot app and use screen shot app, sreen shot app simple and convenient, now screen capture is no longer a problem thanks to the screen shot app.
    We always try our best to make a great app for you, if you like Snapshot app - Free screen capture, please rate our application and share screenshot app with your friends. We sincerely thank you .

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