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    The Complete book of Edible mushroom - Photos

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    The handbook contains a description of Edible mushroom - Photos as: Agaricus lilaceps, Calbovista, Chanterelle, Hydnum repandum, Lactarius rufus, Mycenastrum and
    Chicken of the woods - The chicken of the woods is a tiny but very tasteful mushroom. As the name already says, it tastes like chicken. You can find the chicken of the woods in the forest.
    Truffles - Truffles grow and live underground just like a potato. It is a bit difficult to spot truffles, but with some help of a dog you can find them in the forest. Dig the truffle out of the ground and use it for pasta dishes. Only a very small piece is sufficient. You can also buy truffles from upmarket delicatessens, however these are notoriously pricey.
    Portobello mushroom - The texture and taste can be compared to meat and has an intense smokey flavour. Portobello mushrooms are mostly used as main dish replacing meat. This type of mushroom can be grilled, roasted or boiled.
    White button mushroom - White button mushrooms has a nutty taste and a tender taste when cooked. This type of mushroom is highly available in supermarkets and can easily be used for pizzas and pasta dishes.
    Shitake mushroom - A combination of woody, earthy and slightly smoky flavour. Ideal for soups and can easily be added to stir fry. Shitake mushroom tastes really well in a pork or chicken dish.
    Enoki mushroom - Enoki mushrooms look similar to a cluster of bean sprouts, white coloured and taste sweet. The mushroom has a crunchy bite, perfect for salads and sandwiches.
    Oyster mushroom - Blue, brown, grey coloured mushroom which tastes like an oyster. Favourite uses for the oyster mushroom are to roast or sauté them in olive oil with garlic and fresh herbs.
    Morels - The elegant and delicate flavour makes this type of mushroom unique. To emphasis the flavour you can roll morels in egg wash then in cracker meal made from saltine cracked and shallow fry them.
    Porcini - Extremely popular mushroom which is mostly used for gourmets and can be dried to last flavour.
    Chantrelles - Unique in its kind, the aromatic fleshy wild mushroom an exotic beauty which can be found in the forest.

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