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    The Complete book of Minerals guide

    Very friendly and beautiful interface. The best choice for pocket dictionary.
    1. This dictionary works offline – you do not need an internet connection.
    2. Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionary will start searching for the words while you type.
    3. Voice search.
    4. Very efficient, fast and good performance.
    5. Easy way to share with your friends.
    6. Bookmark – you are able to bookmark the Terms to your favorites list by clicking on the “star” icon.
    7. Managing Bookmark Lists – you are able edit your bookmark lists or clear them.

    The handbook contains a description such as: Wollastonite, Cerussite, Halloysite, Hambergite, Gaylussite, Zircon, Hemimorphite, Jacinth, Celestine (mineral), Garnet, Grossular, Goethite, Charoite, Hausmannite, Hematite, Glauberite, Mirabilite, Howlite, Zeolite, Wolframite, Wulfenite, Phenakite, Scapolite, Sylvanite, Sodalite, Molybdenite, Stannite, Spodumene, Tanzanite, Pyromorphite, Hornblende, Lorenzenite, Rhodonite, Cordierite, Thulite, Roselite, Rutile, Loellingite, Magnesite, Manganite, Mimetite, Monazite, Montmorillonite, Purpurite, Muscovite, Prasiolite, Moonstone (gemstone), Leucite, Pyroxene, Painite, Periclase, Pentlandite, Perovskite, Petalite, Pyrargyrite, Pyrite, Pyrolusite, Pyrope, Plagioclase, Feldspar, Pollucite, Portlandite, Prehnite, Psilomelane, Kornerupine, Talc, Kurnakovite, Thenardite, Crocoite, Tetrahedrite, Tephroite, Tiger's eye, Todorokite, Lazulite, Coesite, Creedite, Cuprite, Covellite, Limonite, Serpentine subgroup, Saltpeter (disambiguation), Kainite, Siderite, Sillimanite, Mica, Spessartine, Staurolite and many other terms.

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