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    "For the first time LITERALLY IN YEARS I have real hope that I know WHY I keep having these same challenging days."

    "I have already had my eyes opened to so many new tools in only one forty minute session with the app."

    "Thank you so much. I'm seriously about to cry because today's session was so important and useful to me."


    A pilot study of 80 UpLift users showed that in just 1 month, those who stuck with the program had nearly a 50% reduction in depression scores that lasted.

    UpLift was developed by expert psychologists and leaders from the field of mobile mental health. It's based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which has been used to treat people with depression for over 30 years.

    "UpLift is strongly aligned with the principles and methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy. A carefully done study has clearly demonstrated its positive outcomes for people who struggle with depression." - Dr. Keith Dobson, Advisor and a world-renowned expert on CBT. He's been president of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy and the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and the author or editor of over 15 books on CBT.


    UpLift provides you 11 interactive sessions that are around 45 minutes long each week. In the sessions, you'll be answering questions, doing mental exercises, and getting customized feedback and guidance.

    Here's a preview of the sessions -
    Session 1: The Emotional Equation
    Session 2: Mood Boosters
    Session 3: Positive Activities
    Session 4: Lies Depression Tells You
    Session 5: Mood Journaling
    Session 6: Goals and Successes
    Session 7: Recognizing Thought Errors
    Session 8: Explaining Struggles
    Session 9: Confronting Thought Errors
    Session 10: Understanding Core Beliefs
    Session 11: Conclusion

    After the sessions, you'll unlock tools in your toolbox.


    The toolbox contains tools that enable you to apply the skills you learn in the sessions to your daily life.

    Here's a sample of some of the tools you'll unlock with UpLift:

    - Problem Solver
    - Mood Journal
    - Trigger Plan
    - Thought Errors
    - Reframing Struggles
    - Goal Trainer
    - Mood Boosters


    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that was developed in the 1960’s, based on the idea that modifying thought and behavior patterns was more important than understanding the psychological origins of behavior.

    Because this new method does not require the presence of a therapist, attempts were soon made to automate the process, first with “bibliotherapy” (CBT self-help books), and then with “CCBT,” or Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

    UpLift is a new generation of CCBT (now called “iCBT”). UpLift uses our own proprietary programming technology to make it dynamic and responsive and modern UX design to make it a pleasure to use, while maintaining tried-and-proven CBT methods at it's heart.


    UpLift is free to download and the first session is free of charge. You can unlock all of the sessions and the entire toolkit via an auto-renewing subscription. UpLift is one of the most affordable ways out there to address depression. We offer two pricing options: A low monthly price, or a discount if you purchase 3 months at once. Generally, 3 months is enough to finish the program. Once you complete the program, you'll retain access forever.

    $29.99 / month - billed monthly
    $14.99 / month - billed every 3 months


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