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    The history of Halloween begins in the 5th century BC. as a Celtic legend, in Ireland. It was celebrated the end of Summer and the beginning of the new year with the spirits of the people who had passed away. For this reason they left a burning candle at the door of the house before going to the celebration, as the wind sometimes extinguished the candles, they began to protect them with a hollow pumpkin, so the wind could not extinguish them before their return and this represented a good omen for the following year.

    The custom of ordering sweets comes from the ninth century, in which Christians in Europe went around the houses asking for "soul cakes" and promised to pray for the dead relatives.

    In the Middle Ages, also in the Old Continent, people used masks to scare away spirits that could bring drought in their fields or other evils. From there comes the use of costumes and masks to ward off witches and spirits.

    This festival arrives with the pioneers to the United States, as a tradition, it was a European Catholic party that became popular even more, with the arrival of immigrants from Ireland in 1840.

    This date has already been extended to several countries in America and Europe.

    Happy Halloween Night!

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