* Utilizing the NFC function, you can now use the app as Tmoney on your smartphone
    * Save money on public transportation by about 10% compared to cash payments and enjoy no extra fees for transfers
    * You can check balance, reload, or refund anytime. Anywhere.
    * Charge and refund easily with your credit or debit card (Master, VISA, Amex, JCB, Unionpay) without having to deal with the hassle of currency exchange.
    * As long as you remember your ID / PW you can protect your balance even if you lose your card
    * Even check your transaction history from the APP (up to recent 3 months)
    * Enjoy special benefits and gifts at Duty Free shops, department stores, museums, cafes, amusement parks etc. exclusive to Korea Tour Card holders.

    In order to protect your payment transactions, KOREA TOUR CARD uses only the necessary permissions needed.
    * Telephone : To send transactions(sign up, reload and refund) safely.
    * Storage : To provide transaction history immediately on KOREA TOUR CARD
    * Contacts : To alram you important info through PUSH, and check account info when logging in.

    For safe transactions as well as quick and easy use of the public transportation system, the following conditions can the app be downloaded and used.
    * Android version 5.0.1 or later
    * NFC read/write mode turned ON
    * DATA or Wifi connection required

    For more detailed information please call 1330 for 24 hour customer service   

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