WEM 2018




    WEM 2018 is the official application of the World Experts Meeting (WEM) organised by the Instituto Javier de Benito in October 2018 in Barcelona.
    With this App, you will be able to find all the information about the course.
    * Programs
    * List of the speakers
    * Venue map and details
    * Practical information.

    This year we are dividing the WEM into four main sections, to dedicate the necessary time to share key insights and explanations of the products and
    techniques featured at WEM 2018.
    Back from popular demand, we will be demonstrating full facial rejuvenation, utilising re-absorbable sutures with cones and techniques to combine with collagen inducers and hyaluronic acid products.
    We will also be featuring several session-leaders, specialists in their respective fields, along with an international array of guest speakers, with whom we collaborate with for training, and presenting courses via our interactive systems.