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    Try these mini mental workout exercises to prevent memory loss and sharpen your mind.

    The human brain contains billions of nerves that are responsible for carrying out various functions of the body. Brain exercises are therefore important to keep it active.

    You may believe you are smart enough not to be tricked. However, trick questions can stump anyone. Common sense and experience will not help you answer these tricky questions. Even though some of the answers are logical or rely on common sense.

    Do you need trick questions and its answers to ask people? Trick questions remain a fun way to test people's intelligence and these are fun questions to ask.

    Feel like you have more common sense than others? Think again! The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips as it tries to figure out the answer. Don't beat yourself up though, if you can't get the answer. Scroll down for your brain challenge!

    Try yourself with these trick questions or brain teaser questions. These will give a pretty hard time to your common sense because, most of the times, you will answer it wrong. Have a look at these funny challenging tricky questions!

    Riddles are a great way to get your kids thinking and share a few laughs! Get riddles and answers to share and challenge your friends. Puzzles will trick your brain. Take Funny and easy riddles fun test to check the sharpness and productivity of your brain.

    This app can be your new iq test pro to see if your brain can answer all the tricky questions, this is good mind trainer, test your brain now.

    Mind Tricks question include following categories..

    Mind Tricks
    Brain Teasers
    Logical Riddles
    Math Riddles
    Funny Riddles
    Master Mind
    Riddles Quiz
    Riddles With Words
    What Am I ?
    Ancient Riddles
    Kids Riddles
    Genius Mind Puzzles
    Puzzles Riddles
    Tricky Questions
    Name the Object ?
    Name the Person ?
    What Is It?
    Fruits and Vegetables

    Mind Trick Question app Features.

    User Friendly
    Works Offline
    Optimized for Mobile & Tablets
    Tricky Quiz
    Play Brain Games

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