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    Have you heard that there is a fun way to get older? We bring you Make me Old Face Changer, a virtual time travelling machine! Now there is an easy way to make yourself look older using just your phone or tablet. The aging photo booth works very simple: add stickers to photos and adjust their size according to you face features. You will be stunned with the result! The age yourself generator will let you know how you will look when you are a granny or grandpa and have wrinkles all over your face. This funny prank app allows you to edit photos in such a way that people will think that you have used a pro photo editor. But no, no professional image editing skills are needed to use this fantastic make me old app, you just need to download Make me Old Face Changer and get it for free!


    Great prank app to mess with your friends!
    Make an edited picture taken directly with your camera or edit pictures from the gallery!
    We give you a variety of old face filters and stickers to place them in the pic!
    Zoom in and out, move around, make the stickers match your face perfectly!
    Save the new photo montage and share it with your friends!
    Easy to use “make me old photo editor” on your phone or tablet!

    Get photos from you camera or import them from the gallery and start your prank picture editing right now! With this fun and nice “old face maker” you can become decades older. Let the ageing process begin - beards, moustaches, glasses, grey hair, wrinkled skin, all of these features for pro picture retouching are at your disposal in the form of funny stickers for pictures that will blend with your skin perfectly. Make a perfect joke and a perfect “photo montage” with the incredible “old face photo editor”, a tablet or phone app for image processing that will fill your boring days with a fun and interesting activity. Have lots of fun with your friends, download Make me Old Face Changer free of charge and change your face in an instant!

    Play with your future self! Transform your photo into a funny image of an old grandpa or grandma and add glasses, wrinkled forehead or missing teeth and “make yourself old” with the newest “old face changer”. Immediately place the sticker in the make me old camera, take a selfie, and you'll witness a complete face transformation. You can also place the photo sticker in an already existing pic from your gallery and see your future self staring right back at you. All of your friends will scream: 'Make me look 20 years older, please!' or 'I wanna get my future self app, too!'. Be a pal, share your edited pictures to popular social services and let everyone know what you've been doing! Tell your bffs about “Make me Old Face Changer” and enjoy together!

    Ready to have a lot of fun? This is one of the best prank apps that allows you to edit photos of your classmates and create 50th anniversary of your graduation! Making old age photo effect using just stickers is possible only in the best image editor for “face aging”. Compare funny photos you made in this “make me old camera” and see who has aged the most! Use all the options of this free image editor and make different combinations of photo stickers to make a realistic photo montage. You'll surprise everybody with your skills at picture editing when you share your funny pictures, but only you will know that the only thing you need to get some fantastic edited photos is the “age me app”. Make haste, young ones, it's time to grow old! Get Make me Old Face Changer free of charge!

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