One Minute Ultrasound




    Brought to you by The Ultrasound Podcast

    - Efficient 1-Minute Demonstrations
    - Full Lectures
    - Instant Access to an incredible amount of content
    - Videos demonstrate all aspects of the scan including:
    1. Hand Position
    2. Descriptions
    3. Normal images
    4. Pathologic images

    All shown simultaneously on the screen. Immediately pull up a demonstration of whatever ultrasound procedure you're about to perform. Perfect for the crashing patient when you need a quick reminder of how to perform an ultrasound.

    Ideal for ultrasound learners or educators. This app can be used to demonstrate at the bedside or just prior to entering a room when you're teaching someone ultrasound or when you're trying to learn yourself and you don't have someone with you to show you. Matt and Mike from The Ultrasound Podcast will show you as many times as you like how to perform the various bedside ultrasound procedures.

    - EFAST
    - Gallbladder
    - DVT
    - Aorta
    - Soft Tissue
    - Wall Motion Abnormalities
    - Cardiac Output
    - Diastology
    - EPSS
    - Sterile Procedure
    - Intrauterine Pregnancy
    - IVC
    - Kidneys
    - Ocular
    - Passive Leg Raise
    - Shoulder Dislocation
    - Small Bowel Obstruction
    - Shoulder Dislocation
    - Transvaginal
    - MORE

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