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    Your personal vocabulary coach

    Improve your vocabulary with a dictionary and state-of-the-art technology: Machine learning

    Each language has thousands of words. The improvement and learning of vocabulary is a very complex process.

    The vocabulary of people is divided into two categories: active and passive.

    The first one is the one that understands without problems, but that in addition, is able to use when needed and without needing help.

    The second is that which is understood without help or with very little help, but which is not capable of being used autonomously.

    The broadest vocabulary of a person is the passive vocabulary and can be enormous, according to the theories of Tracey Terrell (scientist in linguistics).

    If a methodology is not applied that word can hardly become part of its active vocabulary.

    The Vocabulary approach is to apply the use of automatic learning (machine learning) to determine and classify the words that most appear in the media and that people will give more use at the time of expressing themselves.

    This technique determines which passive words, present in the vocabulary of people, should have greater relevance to be active.

    The improvement in machine learning algorithms increases with the increase in the use of the app, benefiting all users in general.

    In this way the passive words that you already know will become active.

    To determine the words you must have active in your vocabulary among the vast number of passive words you know we use algorithms similar to the Google PageRank method that measures the popularity of a link on the web, in this case we use the words along with the feedback of the users and other values ​​that can not be detailed so that they can not be altered artificially.

    At the beginning it is a gradual and slow process, but with the use of technology the time to achieve it is reduced gradually.

    A dictionary with applied pedagogy: Randomly you receive evaluations to determine if you should have new words in your dictionary - vocabulary and if these are already active in your dictionary - vocabulary.

    You receive one word per day and random evaluation based on our pedagogical process.

    Currently available the following languages:
     Spanish English and Portuguese.

    Our value proposition is unique and innovative: We assign a numerical value to words based on their popularity.

    The best user experience:

    You can say the word with your voice, not just written.
    You can see new words by doing pull to refresh.

    What's new ( Feb-21-2018): Unlocked screen mode:

    Every time you unlock the phone the word is presented. In this way you always see it, until you manage to memorize it and be active in your vocabulary. According to the results of the random evaluations you receive, the word may change. When activating this function you must not close the app. A new word every day.

    Vocabulary: The best app to improve your vocabulary.

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