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    Key Features of WiFi Analyzer

    > Ping : Analyse reachability of test speed of your network host on internet protocol (IP) Network.
    > Route: It shows complete route of network between you and website.
    > Ports : Analyze which type of service used by Website
    > Whois: This IP tool helps you to search and analyse websites information or domain name registration.
    > DNS: Domain Name System is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for Internet or private network
    > Lan Scan: Advance IP scanner which analyze network and tells you how many devices connected with your Network.
    > Speed Test: Test download and upload speed of your internet.
    > Available channels: Analyse availability of Channels in 2.5GHz and 5 GHz.
    > Vendor List: Provide Vendor list to analyze the information of your internet device.

    Do you want to know the wifi speed? Are you looking wifi analyzer app for your wifi security and speed test for check wifi speed? WiFi Analyzer: Internet Speed Test, Signal booster is a helpful app for you. You can optimize wifi Network by scanning signal strength, crowded signal, connected users, Channel rating, estimated distance calculator and much more by using wifi analyzer, Wifi scanner, Wifi scan, Wifi checker, Wifi connect, Wifi tracker, Internet speed test, Wifi Ip address finder, Wifi IP address show, Wifi connection manager , Wifi speed test, Wifi monitor, Wifi taster, Wifi analysis app.

    This app is a must-have for all skill levels users, from beginners to IT specialists and skilled network administrators. With Wifi analyser, Wifi signal analyzer, Wifi explorer, Wifi connect, Wifi Ip address finder, Wifi Ip address show, classic Wifi connection manager, Wifi Info, Wifi monitor, internet master, free wifi scanner wifi data usage a growing concern this app will give you an edge in monitoring your wifi network and keep hackers away.
    Core functions of wifi Connector app
    Wifi Analyzer
    You can ping your connection with Wifi analyser, Wifi analysis, Wifi Ip address finder, Wifi Ip address show, Wifi checker route your wifi analyzer connection, scan port and resolve or test your DNS Query using wifi scanner, Wifi user checker, Wifi scan, Wifi-monitor, wifi information, Wifi speed test, Wifi user checker, Wifi tracker, Wifi manager, wifi test app
    Access Point
    Displays your current channel where the router is operating on and displays how many neighbors are on the same channel with Wifi connector, Wi-Fi finder, Wifi taster, Wifi file explorer
    Channel Rating
    On the channel rating page, it will rate which channel will be your best option to set your classic Wi-Fi for speed and reliability using Wifi signal booster and internet speed test.
    Channel graph
    On Channel graph, it will show you the signal strength of your fing wifi connections available around you, Active user, and Speed and wifi data usage level with wifi information, Fing Wi-fi signal, Wifi-monitor, Wifi Ip address show, Wifi test app
    Time Graph
    On time graph it will show you time base signal strength, frequency, active users, Range of wifi, and wifi provided by which company using Wifi connector, Wifi file explorer, Wifi user checker, Wifi-monitor, Wi-fi signal, Wifi test app
    Lan Scanner
    Lan Scanner displays all router Access Points in range of you, their MAC addresses, Ip Address, the channel they are on, and their dBm signal strength, Wifi signal booster, Wifi finder.
    Available Channels
    Available Channel It will show you all the available channels and Bandwidth of Channels in GHz with Wifi connector

    User privacy and security is a huge concern in these days and WiFi classic, Wifi scanner, Wifi explorer, free wifi scanner, WiFi Analyzer: internet speed test, Signal booster is designed to use few permissions as possible.

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