X-Ray Body Scanner Prank




    Get amazing xray body scanner use it for look clothes, skin & bone foot hand stomach

    This app for fun and simulates effect of X-Ray scanning. This is for prank.

    Make scanner and ultrasounds machine fun and play your family and friends!

    == How to use joke app vision ==

    1. Open xray body scanner application.

    2. Place your phone with camera over your left hand, foot, head, chest, stomach, skin

    3. click Start X-Ray simulator app.

    4. A laser beam will go over scan your body.

    5. You will see film images the bones of the hand, palm and fingers.

    6. Get fun with X-Ray Prank

    you can try to prank your friends and make an X-Ray vision

    Thanks for Installing This Application. Leave us your feedback and we will make the app better!

    WARNING . The xray body scanner is created for pranks and fun, not a real x-ray scanner

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