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    Appilication with additional features will be solid design GUI soon. This is Elegant Compass Application with Location Services. If available internet, Map button shows where you are.
    For Outdoor and Sailing Activities
    This is for Outdoor professionals but you can use it where ever you want. Differently from navigation tools this one can be used of line and it gives you air distance and direction to your aim.
    It is strongly recommended to read user manual before use it. Tool has many data insert fields and conservative buttons. FOR USAGE YOUR DEVICE HAS GPS CONNECTION and connected to gps system. Better with internet but it is not necessarily
    User manual can be view from here
    - Smart Compass
    - Target Dialer
    - Air Distance Calculation
    - GPS
    - Specialized buttons for the aim that All locations (target and current) can be check from google maps.
    - Best Utility for Orienteering.
    Usage areas: In city walkabout, trekking, hiking, biking, climbing, camping, outdoor, rough terrain, sailing, diving, cycling, running, tracking, Orienteering, sea kayaking etc.
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    Compass, Longitude, Altitude, Latitude, Heading, AIO, Google Maps

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