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    CONAN mobile (Beta) lets you know how securely your Android device and the apps installed on it are configured, using the following functionalities:

    1. Device configuration analysis
    Examination and assessment of the device’s configuration parameters, categorised according to their risk level. Recommendations to users on how to improve their device’s security level.

    2. Application analysis
    Applications are classified according to their status or level of risk, which is established using the knowledge model supplied by external sources. In order to provide this service, INCIBE uses a third-party tool which allows it to detect application viruses.
    3. Application classification according to permissions
    Access to the list of permissions that state the applications that are classified according to the most relevant permissions (basic) and the risk category (complete)

    4. Proactive Service
    Security events in the device and notifications on the status bar are monitored in real time. This includes:
    * Connections to unsecured WiFi networks.
    * SMS messages or calls to numbers with special tariffs.
    * Modifications to host files.
    * Installation of malicious or suspicious packages.
    * Potentially dangerous connections to unsecured websites.
    * App network connections (destination IP, associated service, geolocation, extensive information on the destination IP).
    * Whether any security incident relating to Botnets has been detected from our Internet connection (AntiBotnet Service). Only available in Spain.

    5. OSI Advice
    Advice from the Oficina de Seguridad del Internauta (Internet User Security Office) about mobile phones.

    Apart from the app analysis service, all services are provided from the customer. Information will be coded before being submitted to the app analysis service.

    More information on permissions can be found in “Additional Information”, in the section called “Permissions”. Permissions are only used when needed to provide this service.

    Installing and using this application indicates knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions listed at
    The conditions of use for the AntiBotnet Service can be found at

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