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    Conversion Master is the ultimate comprehensive resource for unit conversion. Quite possibly the simplest, fastest unit converter on the market. 100's of units to convert between; from engineering units to daily units. Thousands of possible conversions.

    Conversions happen instantaneously as you type in the number. No need to press Enter or Next. No scrolling through long lists to find the proper radio buttons to select. A super fast and intelligent UI to get you the information you need as fast as possible. All conversions are visible and evaluated in real time. The most succinct Unit Conversion app on the Google Play. Nothing to get in the way.

    [Area, Angles, Time, Thermal Conductivity, Mass, Flow, Volume, Liquids, etc.]

    Simple to use:
    •  Select the unit category
    •  Select a basis unit
    •  Enter value to convert
    •  App will convert that value for ALL other units simultaneously

    There is no need to perform multiple conversions by continuing to select units to convert to; this app is very fast and efficient to use and get conversions to multiple units all at the same time.

    Excellent for school, work, cooking or any time you are needing to convert between units.

    Custom keyboard to simplify entry into the app; scientific notation is supported as an entry mode (i.e. 1.234e5 or 1.234e-5).

    Hide keyboard with “done” key.
    If you want to enter completely new value, after you click on textbox at top, hit the “select all” button then enter your value.
    You can enter values in scientific notation. Enter the mantissa, press “exp” button to enter the exponent. You will get an infinity overflow at about 1e304

    If you hit the wrench in the upper right corner of the action bar you will enter the preferences screen. Set display precision and significant digits preference to your liking. Defaults to 6.

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