Cooking Timers




    Cooking Timers is designed for successful recipes,the frantic pace in your kitchen will be a thing of the past,you feel easy ,you feel free with it and the kitchen will give full play of your talents.Besides it can meet the various demands of different people.The app appears to be free to download and use£¬you try it soon.
    It contains three separate, independent timers which allows you to time staged process without having to reset the timer which is great for those "cook on medium-high heat for 20 minutes, then remove cover and allow to simmer on low for another 40 minutes" recipes.Of course we can??use it for a lot more than just cooking! Turn it on whenever you need to set a time limit of any kind (paid parking, training, taking a nap, etc.)...

    ¡ï multiple timers
    ¡ïSmall file-size
    ¡ïconfigurable presets
    ¡ï no adverts
    ¡ï total reliability
    ¡ï Override silent mode of your device (optional)
    ¡ï Time scales from seconds to hours to support all recipes
    ¡ï Selectable alarm tones & optional vibration
    ¡ï Designed to be used on phones and tablets, in portrait and landscape orientation
    ¡ï Can be installed on SD-card (on supporting devices)

    ¡ïAfter uninstall uncheck"Cooking Timers¡° on settings--Location & Security--Select device administrators.
    Well-designed and easy to use that it's worth having.Enjoy creating delicious dishes, with the Kitchen Timer!