This guitar tuner works like a tuning fork. Just press a button such as the "Low A" button, and it plays the in tune musical "A" note for the "Low A" string. Just simply play the "A" string on your guitar as you adjust the tuning fork for the "A" string until it is harmonically and beautifully in tune with the musical note that you hear from CoolTuneGuitarByEarLite.

    Why tune by ear?
    It trains your ears to listen to the music, and it ensures that you tune with true harmony.

    This guitar tuner app also tunes to the spiritually harmonic and spiritually connecting frequency of 432 Hz.

    This is no "ordinary" guitar tuner. It is one of
    the best guitar tuners in the world because it utilizes the spiritual secret of the 432 Hz tuning frequency.
    This 432 Hz frequency will change your life forever and the music that you play on your guitar will lift up your spirit into faster vibration levels of happiness.

    This frequency is very cool and is the same frequency that a million dollar violin was tuned to. It is also the frequency that the greatest classical composers would tune their stringed instruments to.
    The 432 Hz frequency that this guitar tuner has is much, much, much more harmonic and beautiful than the average tuner that is set to 440 Hz. 440 Hz is flat and dull. 432 Hz is noticeably more harmonic in every way that your ears, mind, and spirit can perceive beautiful music.

    This guitar tuner brings the beautiful, harmonic notes to your instrument in a way that helps you rediscover music for the first time, and it will change your life forever.

    CoolTuneGuitarByEarLite is great and useful for tuning an instrument in rooms with music playing because it is not affected by other musical notes playing in the surrounding area.

    Note: The "high pitched" sounds from this 432 Hz tuner are from the "beautiful harmonics" that 432 Hz tuning naturally produces. People that are used to 440 Hz tuning are not used to this attribute of music.