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    Crack And KROK application helps you to search questions in the database of the ministry of health of Ukraine for the exams Step-1, Step-2 and Step-3 (KROK-1,2,3) and to find out the answer on them in a very FAST way. And SOON you will be able to search in cathedral database of many universities.

    Our database includes more than 20000 question for each chapter.

    The program helps the students of the internal medicine, stomatological and pharmacological facilities, in three languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian).

    With our program you will be up-to-date, because the MedTecno company made it easy to update the database on your mobile phone. Just you have to click on the "Refresh data" in the settings menu, then the program download the new database on your mobile phone.

    How To Use Crack and KROK application:
    To find this program, there are three different ways:

    1. Search by entering the first letter of each word from any location in question.
    2. Search by entering the complete question from any location in question.
    3. Search by entering answer from any location in question.

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