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    To enjoy Craft Beer, why use a glass instead of can or bottle?

    The enjoyment of a truly good beer takes you through a series of sensory experiences, the majority of which could not be fully appreciated from a bottle or a can.

    Each glass brings out a different feature of the beer. Some beers keep carbonation and head better, while others open up a fulfilling olfactory experience. Each kind of glass provides a finer visual presentation and a more desirable beer drinking experience.

    Craft Beer Companion is intended to be your guide when trying different types of beers. Do yourself a favor and experiment with your newly acquired ale, lager, IPA, porter or whatever your journey may take you to, but let us be your guide to enjoying craft beers.

    Free Version Notes:
    The free version is an ad supported single component of the Craft Beer Companion suite, click on ads to support us!
    Free version will continue to be updated but additional modules will not be included.
    Search for Craft Beer Companion for the paid full edition, it will include all updates, all modules, and features no ads and no need for an internet connection!

    The reasons for the privacy requirements of this version are:
    This version is ad-supported, hence it needs a connection
    We collect anonymous beer search data to google analytics to help improve our program

    The database is moved to a local folder from the app folder because this is known to improve performance, hence the modify or delete contents of USB storage, no other file is looked at just the database.

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