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    Hear harsh cawing and other unique crow sounds with this app!

    Not all birds have beautiful voices; unlike songbirds who create pleasant springtime melodies, the crow isn't very musical. These common black birds can make over 20 different complex sounds, including coos, rattles, clicks, and of course, their characteristic caws. Most of the crow's harsh-sounding vocalizations consist of two distinct types of caws. First, the crow makes patterned caws used to call out to companions for no reason in particular. Second, the crow makes more irregular caws of varying pitch and intensity used to react to events and threats around them, such as warning of a nearby predator or fighting over food. Once you are familiar with crow sounds, you'll be able to tell the difference between various types of crow caws!

    Use the sounds in this app to study bird sounds or simply for entertainment! You can even use these sounds as unique ringtones!

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