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    Published: 2014-06-21, by .

    App discovery by category, popularity, and community

    • App discovery is awesome
    • Slick, intuitive design
    • Badge system
    • Can sort apps by popularity and category
    • Community comments section
    • Small community for now means not much user input yet
    • Limited selection of apps

    "So many apps, so little time"

    With approximately a bazillion apps in the app stores, how do you figure out which one to install and enjoy next? DappWall offers one solution: lists of recommended apps organized by category. You'll never have more than a couple hundred to browse at once, so it's not nearly as time-consuming or overwhelming as the app stores.

    Scroll through the hottest apps of the moment, based on how many people from the DappWall community have been downloading them. Alternatively, sort the apps by categories ("Books," "Games," "Health & Fitness," etc). Once you find one that looks intriguing, tap it to get a link to Google Play so you can download it right away. If you want to save it for later, add it to your list of favorites. A comments section lets you interact with the DappWall community, checking out what other users think about the app and adding your own thoughts. Finally, there's a direct link for you to contact the app developer, giving feedback or asking questions.

    The design of DappWall is pretty slick and mostly intuitive. You earn "badges" for taking actions within the app, which adds an extra amount of fun to the process of app discovery. The ease with which you can interact with the community and the developer is also great.

    The main issue for right now is the size of the community, both in terms of users and developers. Devs pay to have their apps included in the lists, which means a smaller selection than you might get other places. Because there aren't many users yet, the amount of feedback from the community is fairly limited right now, too.

    Still, DappWall has room to grow into an interesting app discovery tool as more users and devs sign up. And, hey, if you're looking for new apps for your device, it definitely can't hurt to check it out - it's free, and you might find something totally unexpected that you just can't live without.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jun 21, 2014


    Discover new apps and new games every day! DappWall is the best way to find new and popular apps and games on the Android Market! DappWall makes the Android Market usable and gives you a new way to find the apps you have been looking for.
    In DappWall you can find all sorts of apps and games ranging from those that are simple but entertaining, through the ones that are specialized in certain areas. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy a nice variety of apps!

    DappWall is different from anything you have seen before...
    1. DappWall was designed to provide a variety of apps limited to a couple hundred per day so that you don't get lost in the vast plethora of Android apps.
    2. The apps in DappWall are constantly changing to sustain your interest and keep the applications exciting.
    3. The apps are added to DappWall manually by our team, not by a script.


    Find out what apps are added recently along with those that are liked the most in DappWall!
    Connect with other users who are interested in the same apps and share your experiences about them!
    Recommend the apps you like to your friends by sharing them one by one!
    ★ MY LIST
    Or add the apps you like to your favorites and share the whole list with your friends on Facebook!
    Add your ideas or feedback to apps and chat with developers and other users.
    ★ THE GRID
    An intelligent entity that tells you what apps are expected to be popular in the next 24 hours in DappWall!
    Earn achievements, level up and get badges by using DappWall! Reach the highest level and in exchange we value your loyalty with different cool giveaways. Share your status on Facebook to brag about it to your friends!

    We honestly believe DappWall is the best alternative to the Android Market (Google Play). DappWall is a great discovery tool for everyone who is constantly looking for apps and games. We recommend you to use DappWall at least twice a day to find new android apps & games.

    The apps in DappWall are constantly renewed so you’ll never get bored! Each app is verified by us before it gets into DappWall which means we provide quality apps. Furthermore, we share the best apps on our Facebook page, Twitter page and Google plus page!

    You won’t find top apps or top games in DappWall, or not too often. DappWall let’s you discover the hidden gems in the Android Market.

    One last thing: DappWall - A Unique App Market is completely ad-free and will always be.

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    What are you waiting for? Download DappWall and discover new apps every day!

    Important: DappWall - A Unique App Market is different from other app markets. While those apps mainly provide the same service like offering the best apps and games among thousands of other apps, DappWall contains no more than a few hundred apps at the most and these apps are constantly changing. Have fun with this unique experience!

    DappWall does not check your installed apps, does not access your personal information and does not bomb you with updates. DappWall recommends you apps you might be interested in.

    DappWall - A Unique App Market is still in BETA version, so if you experience any problems or crashes, please drop us an email to support at Thank you!

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