Datafence is a way to protect your photos and data from prying eyes. You can take a picture or select a file and send it to someone in a secure manner. They can only see it or open the file in the spatial squaure you have chosen. No passwords or pins are needed, either by you or by your recipient. You can also use Datafence to store data or pictures on your phone and be confident that it can't be accessed by anyone even if your phone is stolen, unless they know just where to go.

    To send your data:

    1. Take a photo or select a file (you will be asked to name it with correct extension)
    2. Choose a location (grey square) on a map to encrypt
    3. Send using your preferred txt or email app

    To receive the data:

    4. Open the received file in Datafence
    5. Press the "Decrypt" button
    6. Open the file or photo in its viewer

    It is as easy as that! Get all your friends to try it too!

    Access Fine Location - Determine location for decryption
    Write External Storage - Create new encrypted/decrypted files
    Internet - Read Google Maps
    Access Network State - Determine network connectivity
    Send SMS - Send data using MMS services

    Keywords: encryption, security, map, privacy, camera, SHA, location, GPS