Decision Ulity

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    Whether you are going to buy a house or a car, select a dishwasher, choose a profession, hire a new employee, invest your money, or make other important decisions, you can use Decision Ulity, a Unified Utility for Decision Making that helps you Know how, what and why to Choose the best alternatives for any issue on any topic. With Decision Ulity, you can

    - Use three of the most general and easy-to-use decision making methods: Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis, Pros and Cons Comparison, and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis.

    - Search for products by bar code or keywords in many countries, then automatically copy the product information such as product name, brand, price, currency, seller's name, website and product images into the comparison table.

    - Use a handy "Feng Shui directions" tool to know your best and worst directions when purchasing or renting a property.

    - Perform the "Balance Check" function to make sure you do not make costly mistakes before going ahead with your decision.

    - View a stacked bar chart to visually compare which alternatives have higher scores and why.

    - Ask other people for advice on the discussion board.

    - Use the device camera to capture your own pictures of candidates, then share the pictures on Facebook.