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    Design of Steel Structure - Civil Engineering

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    * Best civil app for learning and quick revision on Design of steel Structure.

    * All the important topics like curvature analysis, structural analysis, steel calculation,
    steel structures and structural design can be covered in just a minute per topic.

    * This civil app contains all the Design of Steel Structure related 160 topics in 5 chapter in very simple and informative language with suitable diagrams which helps Civil Engineering (CE) students to score good marks in exams.

    * Very Helpful for last min preparation for Exams, Viva, Assignments and Job interviews for civil engineering students.

    *Through the search functionality within the app one can review any subject related concept instantly.

    It is the most useful App for last minute preparations for civil engineering students.

    Some of the topics Covered in the ebook app are:

    1. Degrees of Freedom and Indeterminacy
    2. Statically Indeterminate Structures -Direct Stiffness Method
    3. Member Stiffness Matrix
    4. Coordinates Transformation
    5. Displacement Transformation
    6. Assembly of Structure Stiffness Matrix
    7. Calculation of Member Forces
    8. Treatment of Internal Loads
    9. Treatment of Pins
    10. Temperature Effects
    11. Temperature Gradient
    12. Elastic and Plastic Behavior of Steel
    13. Moment - Curvature Relationship in an Elastic - Plastic Range
    14. Elastic - Plastic Behavior
    15. Fully Plastic Section
    16. Plastic Hinge
    17. Comparison of Linear Elastic and Plastic Designs
    18. Limit States Design
    19. Overview of Design Codes for Plastic Design
    20. General Elastoplastic Analysis of Structures
    21. Reduced Plastic Moment Capacity Due to Force Interaction
    22. Shear Force
    23. Concept of Yield Surface
    24. Yield Surface and Plastic Flow Rule
    25. Derivation of General Elastoplastic Stiffness Matrices
    26. Elastoplastic Stiffness Matrices for Sections
    27. Stiffness Matrix and Elastoplastic Analysis
    28. Use of Computers for Elastoplastic Analysis
    29. Effect of Force Interaction on Plastic Collapse
    30. Distributed Loads in Elastoplastic Analysis
    31. Theorems of Plasticity
    32. Continuous Beams and Frames
    33. Application to Portal Frames
    34. Calculation of Member Forces at Collapse
    35. Introduction of Limit Analysis by Linear Programming
    36. Limit Analysis Theorems as Constrained
    37. General Description of the Discrete Plane Frame Problem
    38. A Simple MATLAB Implementation for Static Limit Analysis
    39. A Note on Optimal Plastic Design of Frames
    40. Plastic Rotation Capacity
    41. Plastic Rotation Demand
    42. Effect of Settlement
    43. Modified End Actions Due to Settlements
    44. Effect of High Temperature
    45. Critical Temperature Evaluation in Elastoplastic Analysis
    46. Second-Order Effects
    47. Serviceability Limit State Requirements
    48. Ultimate Limit State Requirements
    49. Introduction to Metallurgy
    50. Strengthening structural steels
    51. Inclusions and alloying elements
    52. Mechanical properties of steel
    53. Corrosion
    54. Corrosion protection to steel structure elements
    55. Steel structures subjected to fire
    56. Introduction to Limit State Design
    57. Bolted connections
    58. Bolts and bolting

    The Design of Steel Structures is part of Structural Engineering Design in Civil Engineering education courses and technology degree programs at various universities.

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