Dharmik Kahaniyan (Aarti Sangrah Chalisha Sangrah)




    Dharmik Katha Hindi Kahaniya is the app for Hindi, Dharmik and Pauranik Story / Kahani Lovers .
    We have picked thousands of really known and famous hindi, dharmik and pauranik stories / kahani in our app
    Sampoorna Aarti Sangrah in Hindi for every person.
    Can read it in Offline mode.
    दुर्गा माता की आरती
    गंगा माता की आरती
    गायत्री माता की आरती
    काली माता की आरती
    संतोषी माता की आरती
    श्री शनि देव की आरती
    श्री सत्यनारायणजी की आरती
    श्री रामजी की आरती
    श्री भैरव जी की आरती
    श्री रामदेव जी की आरती
    Ganesh ji ki Aarti (Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva )
    Lakshmi Mata Ki Aarti (Om Jai Lakshmi Mata)
    Hanumanji Ki Aarti (Arati Kije Hanuman Lala Ki)
    Sarasvati Ji Ki Aarti (Jai Saraswati Mata)
    Sai Baba Ki Aarti (Arati Shree Sai Guruvar Ki)
    Vishnu Ji Ki Aarti (Om Jai Jagdish Hare)
    Krishan ji ki Aarti (Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki)
    Shiv ji ki Aarti (Om Namo Shivay)

    Dharmik(धार्मिक ) Kathas containging 1000+ interesting stories. The app contains all indian Spiritual hindi stories.

    This App has Lots of Image of Gods, you can save it in your Mobile and use as Wallpaper also

    Myths and legends are an integral part of human existence. They have been around us all the time. Though their validity is susceptible, nobody seems to mind as they stand as a proof of the human belief in divine powers.

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