Diapason Tuner

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    Tune any musical instrument! Simply launch Diapason Tuner and instantly adjust the tuning of your instrument with precision and ease.

    Diapason Tuner looks, feels, and works just like a handheld electronic tuner, and is very intuitive to use.

    Diapason Tuner’s proprietary pitch-detection algorithm (PDA) uses several tested and proven strategies rather than just one, utilizing the unique strengths of each. This professional-grade PDA is responsive and accurate throughout the full range of the audio spectrum.

    Many tuners get confused and display pitches in the wrong octave, sometimes a fifth away from the actual pitch. Low range instruments that frequently confuse many other tuners, such as cello, bassoon, trombone, and bass clarinet, are measured accurately by Diapason Tuner.

    Product features:

    Precision of better than +/- 0.1 cents under optimal conditions.
    Support for all musical instrument ranges (from 25 Hz to 5000 Hz).
    Selectable recording device.
    Optimized display for both phones and tablets, in either portrait or landscape mode.
    Reference frequency selection (from 380 Hz to 480 Hz, default is 440 Hz).
    Transposition, including key and octave.
    Decibel sensitivity.
    Background noise filtering, to eliminate false results.
    Octave stretching (useful for piano tuning). Also supports compressed octaves.
    Pitch displays using sharps or flats, with or without the octave number.
    Ideal reference pitch or actual frequency displays available for each tuned pitch.
    A meter display which displays either a decibel meter, oscilloscope, or signal/noise meter.
    Zoom ability, from -50 to +50 cents to -1 to +1 cents.
    Display options including color selection and glow/shadow effects.
    Enhanced Power Mode keeps the display from turning off while tuning.

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