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    Free version of my simple and easy to use dice rolling app!

    The Story: I was with friends, about to play a game of the Pathfinder ACG, and realized I'd forgotten my dice. So I thought, "Hey, just get an app." Almost twenty minutes later, after downloading about eight different apps, I couldn't find a single one that was just a quick, easy, and simple dice roller. Some had fancy 3D graphics, some bounced graphics around the screen to look like real dice, but none of them were intuitive or easy enough to use. So, I built this one - it's simple, straightforward, and ready and willing to replace your dice -- either for one night or for many.

    A quick and easy way to roll dice for any role-playing, card, miniature, or board game. Includes the most common polyhedral dice types - d4, d6, d8, d12, d20, and d100. Also supports two methods of rolling d100 - either two d10s (one for tens, and one for ones), or a single d100 roll of a random number between 1 and 100.

    Results are listed for each individual dice, and added up to an overall total (including penalties and bonuses).

    Keep this app on hand for when you forgot your regular polyhedral dice, or as a permanent replacement!

    For more information, see the website at!

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