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    Download ComerciaBox, CaixaBank and Comercia Global Payments’ latest mobile app for customers with POS terminals and keep your business’ management under control: billing, settlements and collections. With ComerciaBox (Android 4.4 and higher) you’ll be able to manage all the information from your business’ POS terminals with just a single mobile application. Knowing everything about your business sounds good, doesn’t it? Whether you run a physical or online business, or are a company or self-employed, who uses a CaixaBank POS terminal, you can benefit from complete control of your company’s daily data; that’s information that will certainly help you make good business decisions.

    ComerciaBox features:

    A dashboard with your business’ complete information:
    Sales evolution (Accounting)
    Use of services (e.g. Dynamic Currency Conversion)
    Information from POS terminals (Point of sale terminals)

    ComerciaBox sections:

    The Summary section shows relevant information with an overview of the last 7 days for quick consultation of your business’ evolution, mainly related to Settlements, Billing and the Dynamic Currency Conversion service (financial accounting).

    Sales evolution
    In the sales evolution section, you’ll be able to find out how your business is doing (income) in regard to:
    - Billing from cards
    - Operations with cards
    - Billing by the day of the week
    - Billing by the time of day
    - Operations by amount

    Moreover, you’ll find information on daily KPIs, smart filters, a comparison to the last year or period, a list of transactions and interactive help, and all with the possibility of being viewed horizontally, so you can get the most out of the graphs and make them easier to view.

    Browse all of the returns and payments of your business’ settlements:
    - Amount paid
    - Amount of discount
    - Date paid
    - Sales and number of operations
    - Returns

    Dynamic Currency Conversion
    With the Dynamic Currency Conversion service you´ll discover:
    - Service usage
    - Billing converted to the original currency using the Dynamic Currency Conversion service
    - Billing by foreign currencies (billing broken down by currencies)
    - Calculation of the premium for using the Dynamic Currency Conversion service

    My POS terminals
    In the 'My POS Terminal' section you can check the status of each of your business’ POS terminals and access the terminal’s manual.

    With ComerciaBox, whether you’re self-employed or a retailer, you’ll get information about your business whenever you use any CaixaBank POS terminal. It’s an ideal app for bars, restaurants (hostelry), ecommerce, hairdressers, clothing shops, supermarkets and much more.

    If you want to keep abreast of everything happening in your business download the ComerciaBox mobile app free of charge and keep all of your business finances under control by the person who knows it best: you.

    ComerciaBox is an app from Comercia Global Payments (CaixaBank) compatible with all Android devices (version 4.4 and higher).

    All the information on and management of your business’ daily data (income and sales, billing, etc.) are at your fingertips at no additional charge when you use the free ComerciaBox app. Get the most out of it!

    ComerciaBox will help you make the best decisions for your business thanks to the way it manages financial accounting.

    Comercia Global Payments and CaixaBank, S.A. are the owners of this mobile application for retailers and businesses who are CaixaBank customers.

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