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    Clock is one of the basic need of almost everyone, people will find it more useful if they do get one clock in their own mobile with number of features. So here it is. This digital alarm clock is reliable and easy to use, and it has been customized for the need of user. And all of the features of this digital alarm clock are free. It provides alarm to help people wake up on weekdays as well as on their weekend .The options of selecting days is there.
    Clock widget is exciting, it has date, time, day, year and a lot more to tell you when you unlock you screen with the touch. It has digital view and a dial with hour, minute and second needle to keep you aware of the current time .its size is appropriate to give you space enough for your other applications on your main screen. Digital alarm clock came with many features, setting up the alarm is just a click away. All you have to do is to click on the digital clock widget and alarm menu will open, chose your time in hours, minutes and days and this appropriate and amazing app will ring the alarm on the right time.
    It has a feature of stop watch, you can set the time interval and press the start button .it will notify you when the timer is off along with the tone of timer it will display the current time on the screen. It is more like a clock wallpaper and it will make your mobile more beautiful with its amazing any eye catching display, it is the best digital alarm clock and timer of 2015.
    The exciting feature is that when the alarm will ring, when the tone of alarm will turn on the set time it will ask you for a MATHIMATICAL question if you solve it, the alarm will turn on. That question will have difficulty levels just like a game. It will gain your all attention and you will no longer be in your lazy mood. This question will help you to fix your sleepy head. Math is the best way to start your day. The question category is set to math but the difficulty level is in your hand. Set it and will ask the question accordingly. You have to solve the given calculation to turn the alarm off. The best way to bring you in the senses.
    Its future will be clock and weather widget just to facilitate the user is the main function of this app and it will allow you to set the custom tone of alarm , it is alarm clock for free with exciting alarm tones that will not only wake you up but freshen up you mood with its beautiful ring tones . It is free with all the free features. And it will remain on your screen with all the other widgets. Alarm clock for free and free timer are not the only feature this amazing clock is giving to you but stop watch is also added in it
    Stopwatch and timer is essential in a clock and developing them all together was the main theme of this product. In all the stop watches this stop watch will provide you the best result in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. It is analog and digital at the same time. For your ease it has analog display and digital display as well.

    Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch these features will give you all you need.


    Set Alarm timing.
    Set Alarm tone.
    Set the alarm off, question difficulty level.
    Having timer giving you time result in hours, minutes and seconds.
    The stopwatch with start and stop functionality giving you lap results as well.

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