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    The Distance Calculator shows the time, distance, and route of your next trip, you may want the distance between cities or from your address to your next meeting. This app will also plot your route on a map, The calculator will suggest places and address locations when you begin typing to make your life easier. This app can help plan your driving directions for your next holiday or business meeting. You also have the option to display your distance in Miles and Kilometers. It supports thousands of locations world wide so if you are looking for the distance between two places, then this is the App for you.

    When you enter a starting destination there will be a suggestion list that helps you pick a valid address or location, please choose the item in the list for the distance calculator to work correctly, this is also required for the ending address. This app will be very useful to almost anyone who drives a car and likes to plan their journey or keep track of the time and distance it will take to get to their destination. Please feel free to send us comments and suggestions about the app.

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