Distance Meter

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    Distance Meter allows you to automatically calculate distance while you ride a car, walk or run. It uses GPS coordinates to mark your positions on a map. Then when you press 'Get distance' button distance calculation is done automatically. You can take many different routes to reach your destination and then compare which was the shortest one. You need to have both GPS and Internet connection enabled.

    How to read the distance?
    1. Move to your start position and press “Start point” button. You should see a marker on the map with your current position.
    2. Proceed to your next location and press “Next point” button. Another marker should be placed on the map, which illustrates your second position.
    3. Insert as many markers as you need.
    4. Press “Get distance” button to have the distance calculation result under the button with a red line that marks it on the map.

    Additional features:
    1. You can move markers using your finger to adjust them to a specific position.
    2. You can tap on each marker to see the details.
    3. You can remove each marker in marker details window.
    4. Default measurement unit is based on your local mobile phone settings.
    5. You can change the measurement unit, timeout for position acquisition and GPS accuracy in settings menu.

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