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    Crochet is a way of making fabric from yarn or crochet thread by using a crochet hook. The word crochet actually means 'hook'.

    When starting a crochet project, you simply start off with a slip knot, insert the crochet hook through the loop, wrap the yarn around the hook, and pull it through the first loop. Continue wrapping the yarn over the hook and pulling it through the previous loop until you have reached a desirable length. Each loop as it is passed through the previous loop is called a chain.

    Once the chains have been made you can join the last chain to the first chain with a slip knot to form a circle and work in rounds, or you can simply turn the chains and work in rows. When working in rows the work gets turned at the end of every row, but when working in rounds you have the option as to whether you want to turn or not. The patterns will let you know when and when not to turn.

    A crochet stitch is made when the yarn is wrapped around the hook, and one or more loops is pulled through the chain, or the stitches from the previous row, or previous round. The great thing about crochet is that at the end of each stitch there is only one active loop remaining on the hook.

    With crocheting you can create all kinds of neat fabrics such as doilies, table cloths, bedspreads and afghans. Plus you can make your own clothes; anything like sweaters, ponchos, skirts, scarves, hats, headbands, socks and slippers. Other items such as bags, purses, dish cloths, place mats, and napkins can also be crocheted.

    There are many tutorials on how to crochet online, especially on websites like There are also many free crochet patterns available online, or you can buy pattern books at your local yarn store.

    Patterns will usually tell you what kind of yarn and what size crochet hook to use. Thick yarn requires a larger size crochet hook, while thin yarn or crochet thread are worked with a smaller hook.

    Learning how to crochet can be tricky; the yarn has to be held with one hand, and the crochet hook with the other, and both have to work together to bring the finished project about. Crocheting can be very time consuming for those just learning to crochet, but speed is increased with regular practice. It can also get frustrating at the beginning, but eventually as one becomes one with the yarn and hook it is actually very relaxing, and can even relieve stress.

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