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    DJ TechTools' latest music concept turns the tables on traditional DJ paradigms, removing the dj booth and putting the crowd in control of the music. Built for Richie Hawtin's Enter party this summer in Ibiza, 12 independent touch wheels on a large circular table allow people to play one instrument in an evolving "dj mix" running through Ableton Live. This is by far our most ambitious controller ever - and the first that requires multiple people to play together. In today's article, we finally reveal the background of Orbit, and take you behind the scenes of this remarkable project.

    Harmony for Dummies: A Quick Guide to Adding Chords, Melodies, and Basslines in Key DJ Mixing software

    DJ Mixing software In the digital age, it’s simple for DJs, performers, and producers to access resources and information for improving, learning, sharing or making music. However, this vast world of information can become distracting and as a result, it's easy to be demotivated in our respective art forms. You may remember these DJ power utilities posted a while back - in that vein, here are five solid pieces of software that will enhance creativity and productivity in the studio, at home, and out gigging.

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