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    Dog training kit The content of The Online Dog training kit program is much more comprehensive than many other sites I have seen i.e. more videos and in-depth coverage of topics, and the actual training information in each video includes every detail of the subject.

    It's the most encompassing Dog training kit product I've reviewed.


    The Online Dog training kit has been endorsed by the national SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of New Zealand. In fact, the home page of New Zealand SPCA is even linked to this site, promoting it to new dog owners and those who have adopted a new puppy.

    That speaks volume for Doggy Dan.
    Almost every topic covered in the 250+ videos

    The Online Dog training kit has a huge amount of contents compared to many other similar sites. You might think that’s the way it ought to be considering the price they’re charging.

    No argument on that, but we’re not just talking just about volume here. It’s the quality of the content which is just as thorough.

    The website has been around since 2009 and I did find a few of the videos which are not of high quality. But these are regularly replaced with HD videos. This is because The Online Dog training kit is an active site and new footage is being regularly included.

    But the quality of the training contents is excellent, and I believe that’s what you’re looking for.
    Videos of real consultations

    Doggy Dan’s live consultations videos are enjoyable to watch. It makes learning fun. Compared to many other sites, Doggy Dan included much actual footage of serious behavioral problems and how to deal with them instead of just showing command work and theory.

    That’s what makes The Online Dog training kit is different. Furthermore, many of the dogs filmed were not easy to manage and are in serious need of help.
    Why use videos?

    This question has been raised so many times. Perhaps the following may help.

    Seeing an experienced Dog training kit explaining why a dog is so stressed and then watching the dog change is something that cannot be easily explained in words or writing.

    It’s difficult to relate that in an e-book.

    And because these videos have not been excessively edited, you get to actually see the transition of how the consultation unfolds i.e. how the results were achieved step-by-step.

    This includes all the body language of both the dog and the trainer, something that you cannot easily understand from mere reading.
    Doggy Dan’s method and techniques

    As you know, there are various Dog training kit methods out there.

    Some dog training websites use either the aggressive techniques that control the dogs into behaving, or they focus too much on treats and rewards.

    Doggy Dan’s method is calmer and more gentle but very effective. It is based on the concept of how to become the “pack leader” and sets up your training so it doesn't require the dog to fear you nor give them a lot of treats in order to comply.


    Here's a list of some of just some of the videos that address specific Dog training kit problems:

    Dog training kit Aggression
    People Aggression
    Aggression Towards Animals
    Aggression Towards Objects
    Barking On The Walk
    Barking For Attention
    Barking Around The Property
    Barking In The Car Dog training kit
    Barking When Left
    Barking At The Door
    Dogs Running Away
    Separation Anxiety
    Jumping Up Dog training kit
    Jumping on Furniture
    Pulling On The Leash
    Not Coming When Called
    Fears and Phobias Dog training kit

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