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    Dog training videos - The Online Dog Trainer Is The Answer

    If you´ve ever turned to a book to solve your dog problems then you know how difficult it can be to translate what you read into action. But that´s not a problem any longer:

    Doggy Dan, a professional dog training videos and behaviorist, has developed a complete, dog training videos program on video! With more than 120 videos covering every possible dog behavior problem, you are sure to find exactly what you need to transform your dog or puppy into the well-behaved pet you´ve always wanted.

    Dan´s methods aren´t just effective and easy-to-follow, they´re also approved by the SPCA. You´ll find videos on everything from how to train your puppy, dog obedience and house training to insights into how to train older dog training videos.

    He also uses an over-the-shoulder training approach that gives you the feeling he is right there with you and your dog training videos in a virtual one-on-one consultation.

    The Online dog training videos Once you have access to the site and log in, you´ll find a well organized program that´s easy to navigate, so take some time to look around. Start with watching Dan´s short welcome video then move on to learn all about his 5 Golden Rules of Pack Leadership.

    Definitely take the time to go through section 1 on how to become the pack leader in your home before moving onto videos dealing with more targeted problems. Understanding these principles will go along way toward ensuring your long-term dog training videos success!

    Okay, let´s take a closer look at what exactly is included:

    Before your Lab will listen to you, and do what your want him to, he needs to see you as his pack leader.

    In the first part of this program, you´ll be able to observe and learn the one thing every dog owner must know: how to become the alpha dog in your home.

    Discover Dan´s Five Simple Golden Rules for transforming the way your dog training videos responds to you. It only takes minutes to put them into place and you´ll be amazed at positive impact it will have on you and your dog´s relationship.

    You´ll also learn:


    how to win your Lab´s mind so you can have control over his actions
    how to get him to walk calmly on the leash
    why dog training videos use selective hearing and how to instantly correct it
    how feeding your Lab in the right manner can be the most powerful signal to your dog training videos that you are the pack leader.
    why missing just one of the 5 Golden Rules can lead your Lab to believe he is the boss – not you. And how this leads to all kinds of other behaviral problems.

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