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Dolphins & Whales Sightings

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    The Dolphins and Whales World Sightings Guide is a comprehensive guide to the marine species of whales and dolphins of the world as well as where and when to enjoy whale watching at the world's whale hot-spots.
    84 species are featured, split into two suborders: Mysticeti (Baleen Whales) and Odonticeti (Toothed Whales and Dolphins).

    Compiled by Jamie Watts and Pamela Le Noury, the guide is a fantastic tool for marine enthusiasts and keen whale watchers to learn more about the animals, and help identify species.

    - Hi-res artwork images and detailed text descriptions for the 84 species.
    - Photos included for many species.
    - "Compare" allows you to compare two species on the same screen.
    - A personal list that stores your sightings saved to the device that can then be exported through email.
    - View the Species Index by Common or Scientific names.
    - Enter your location to see what species are in that hotspot.

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