A DiamondPhone DomePhone is an information, videophone, and texting world individualized for you.

    It is a situational community of the people and information you NEED, not just the people you KNOW. This type of community is a group of phones connected to the public phone system, yet also simultaneously connected as a videophone, texting, file transfer, and profile viewer group where DiamondPhone personalizes your screen with a temporary website. You are anonymous until you leave an optional video profile. The icons and pictures of the community website lead to not only information, but to people. The special "FreeRange" community has anyone running this app not within a sponsored group and the website on the screen for FreeRange is a local search. FreeRange does not include video calls, by the way.

    The term community could be a hotel, convention, restaurant, stadium, park, or any manner of grouping of people for a common purpose where, except for FreeRange, someone owns the community and wants to service their guests via the guests' phones. FreeRange is to show others what is happening at a social gathering, like a party, and allow texting into the gathering. The size of the gathering is shown on the Map function.

    So, your phone can be a universal phone fitting in with where, when, and who you are:

    At a resort, your phone becomes part of the resort's phone system with the resort's services on your screen automatically.

    At a conference you can search among attendees and vendors by a type of person, click a link, and speak/videochat with them.

    A large restaurant can call you when your table is ready, you can see the menu, and you can click on an icon to ask your server something instead of waving your hand in the air to catch the server's attention.

    A dating site can have a searchable index of people who can be video previewed and then connected live. All of these, of course, are dependent on the business (or social group) being a participant!

    Think about the Internet and how a search engine finds information by obscuring where the computer is and even what the name of the computer site is. DiamondPhone obscures the underlying phone number and the contact name to find the right person for you and then connects you when you need them.

    Communities that are appropriate for you are preselected based on where, when, and who
    you are. The where is based upon your location. The when is based upon events on your calendar.
    The who is based upon contents of your phone, like your music tastes. The members are searchable and you, as a member, can leave an optional video description of your status so that others can discover you, if you want to be found. The default of all members is anonymity.

    See our website at for more information.

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