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    Think again if you do not think that you are engaged in a serious art form. Here we have selected some excellent examples to inspire you.

    Doodle is a simple image that can have a specific idea of ​​the meaning or consists only of random and abstract lines, as a rule, never lifting a drawing device from paper, in this case is usually called "graffiti."

    Doodle Art is available to everyone, Let your mind wander ... Just a pencil and a notebook ... You really can work perfectly, only with Doodling! It can be an abstract form or character, an object, you are completely free.

    In this application, we present several beautiful scribbles that are quite difficult to use

    Doodling is a pleasant and interesting way of expressing yourself. But this often diminishes as a form of art. But the art of scribble can help you learn how to draw and give an excellent addition to your design portfolio - as highlighted by this vivid example. By combining scribbles of children with expressive illustrations, they show how abductions can be used to create beautiful and interesting projects. Who knows that there are many art styles of doodle?

    enjoy it!
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