Driver Test: Crossroads




    Fun and exciting crossroads simulator will help you to learn how to drive through crossroads and intersections in a short time. This application includes the most relevant stuff you need: rules how to drive through crossroads and intersections, traffic rules, and the simulator. After completing the test, as a result, you will be the most skillful and competent driver. With the help of this app the process of preparation for driver’s license test will become easy and interesting!

    The benefits of this app are presented by
    * Visibility and interactivity of the app
    * Possibility of multiple repetition of the situation presented in the test
    * Presence of all modes of transport in the app: cars, trucks, motorcycles, trams, emergency cars, traffic police cars.
    * Large amount of different types of intersections and crossroads in the test
    * Diversity of complexity levels in considered situations

    Exam is passed - get a driver's license!
    Good luck! Bon voyage!

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    This will help us to make this app even better.

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